Employer Promotion

Our main goal is to support your company's strategic recruitment goals. We focus on building your employer brand abroad and this approach needs more time than one-shot advertising. We help you create long-term and engaging content with fixed URLs and work constantly on improving user experience, from attracting your target audience to application.


  • Defining the audience you want to address
  • Helping you create attractive & engaging company profile
  • Helping you show your company's purpose and culture
  • Publishing your articles and author profiles
  • Targeting and promoting your message
  • Introductory pricing


We can assist you in a recruitment campaign and promote your company profile. And even more: keyword research, search engine optimization, social media support, content audit and localized landing pages.


Some publishing services for companies are free. We welcome interesting articles about recruitment and career development in your company - how to apply and how to prepare for all the steps in the recruitment proces, including specific career advise from your industry - cover letters, cv etc. Also changes in your industry and the resulting demands on future candidates are very interesting content.

Learn more about what and how you can to publish.

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