Publishing Guidelines

We invite all our clients and partners to publish on Eurocarees websites. It will increase your visibility online and enhance your personal brand. It can therefore substancially increase the traffic and interest in your jobs or services you are publishing on our websites. Generally, we welcome any content that helps our audience prepare for jobs in European countries and that improves their journeys. Articles are published under the CC Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License.

More specifically, articles should follow these guidelines:

  • Authors of articles need to complete their personal (author) profile first.
  • Content must helpful for international job-seekers.
  • Articles should be listed under relevant categories and countries.
  • Articles should be written in a simple language - plain English.
  • Articles should be well structured with subtitles and bold text.
  • Length of Articles should be between 1400 - 4000 Characters.


activity points

Articles are rewarded with activity points based on their Length (Number of Characters) and Quality. Authors can get 7-40 activity points per article. Exact formula and rules are given below. Quality is checked by our editors and the articles are rated as follows:
  • excellent
  • good enough
  • not accepted
Published articles receive activity points (AP) based on this folrmula: AP = (Number of Characters ÷ 100 ÷ Quality). For example, if your article of 1800 Characters is rated as Q = 2 and published, you receive 9 Activity Points. Articles with Q = 2 or Q = 3 can be improved before publishing. Quality improvements after publishing are welcome but not rewarded with activity points.

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